Ibiza’s Salt Harvesting Angel.

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Get this, I’m off to Ibiza in October to paint angels. I am very excited! I’ll be staying with Toma, he’s part of an artist collective. Here is one of his events it involves old typewriters and cocktails, just my kind of thing https://www.airbnb.co.uk/experiences/766925

Why back to Ibiza ? It just seemed right, I love the whole ethos of the Encens festival that takes place there in October . It’s a festival centred on worship , right up my alley and I think the angels will fit in too. Here’s their link http://encens.uk/

Soooo the Salt Harvesting Angel .. I want focus to be on Ibiza’s history of salt harvesting. I can see the painting now , lots of white and intense blue . A very clean palette, I expect I will be adding spray paint to the uncured resin to give a milky finish too.

At the end of October there is a Salt festival on the island and I will be back in Ibiza then, Nothing is a coincidence ! I can’t wait to take my salt angel to the festival . https://www.santjosep.net/en/event/fira-la-sal/